July 6, 2024

Cancer and Cannabis

When I was fourteen years old I lost my grandfather to pancreatic cancer. It was one of the most confusing experiences I have ever lived through: watching someone I love dearly become smaller, quieter, and ultimately fade away because of an illness. He was a man with simple taste, he loved to cook, watch Formula One, and cuddle with his...


Black Market Dispatch: Fake Diamonds.

There’s a famous scene in Donnie Brasco where a gangster, played by Al Pacino approaches a man named Donnie in a bar and asks him to sell a diamond ring for him. Donnie, who’s known as “The Jeweler” takes all of two seconds to determine that the ring is in fact a fake or “fugazi” and cooly informs him that he wouldn’t be caught dead with such an obvious replica of the real thing.