July 20, 2024


Cannabis Talk 101 made global history by becoming the first cannabis show to partner with iHeartMedia, and is now “The World’s #1 Source For Everything Cannabis” 

Cannabis Talk 101 is a casual, fun, and informative longform interview podcast. Hosted by Christopher Wright, aka “Blue,” CEO and Creator of Cannabis Talk 101 and the Cannabis Talk Network & “Joe Grande,” former Co-Host on Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106, On Air With Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles and The Dog House in the Bay Area on WILD 94.9 KYLD.

Sharing a passion for educating, advocating and defending members of the cannabis community. They discuss the benefits of cannabis as well as the laws engulfing it, while breaking the stoner stereotype. Together, they have embarked on a mission to spread the truth about cannabis while guiding and connecting industry professionals along the way. The quality content and entertainment that Cannabis Talk 101 brings, makes for an extremely personable, entertaining and educational show for everyone to enjoy. Cannabis Talk 101 supports Freedom of Speech and asks the hard hitting questions that viewers want to hear, ending with a segment sure to get some laughs, “The High 5”.

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For over a decade, Christopher Wright aka Blue has been involved in all aspects of the Cannabis industry; from medical cannabis dispensaries and collectives to the controversial cannabis movement and its cultivation. He watched as the plant gave his father hope and a better quality of life during his fight with lung cancer. Before his father passed away, Blue made a promise to make an impact in the cannabis movement. Keeping his promise to his dad, Blue created platforms with the primary purpose to educate the community about the benefits of cannabis. In 2015, he established the Cannabis Talk 101 radio show, and has been one of the highest sought after speakers in the cannabis industry ever since. Blue’s commitment to his father & the movement is apparent in his Mission Statement: to increase awareness about the positive benefits of cannabis, educate those who believe in it & convince those who don’t.

Joe Grande has always been outgoing with a love for entertaining. His radio career started in college where he majored in Radio Television and Film. Joe soon became a part of the morning show, “The Dog House” in San Francisco on WILD 94.9. Joe moved on to Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 in Los Angeles then joined 102.7 KIIS FM to work on Ryan Seacrest morning show. Grande branched off into sports radio working on Fox Sports & NBC Sports and was named, by the LA Times, as one of the “best radio sports personalities in Los Angeles.” Noticing new social trends were gravitating toward the cannabis industry, Joe got involved. Through professional ventures, he crossed paths with Blue, Marc and Craig and soon became part of the Cannabis Talk 101 team. Together, they educate and advocate for professionals in the cannabis industry while creating an inclusive and entertaining atmosphere.