July 23, 2024

Black Market Dispatch: Fake Diamonds.

There’s a famous scene in Donnie Brasco where a gangster, played by Al Pacino approaches a man named Donnie in a bar and asks him to sell a diamond ring for him. Donnie, who’s known as “The Jeweler” takes all of two seconds to determine that the ring is in fact a fake or “fugazi” and cooly informs him that he wouldn’t be caught dead with such an obvious replica of the real thing.

Is Marijuana Linked To Depression?

As brought up by Mayo Clinic, research indicates that marijuana has been associated with those diagnosed with depression. The conclusion that marijuana causes depression can’t be directly confirmed, as its evidence may be brought forth in contradiction, considering that it’s common for those struggling with depression to use marijuana to cope with symptoms (Hall-Flavin, 2018).