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Just a few years ago, the idea of a weed vacation would have been far-fetched. Thankfully, the last few years have seen many states legalize recreational marijuana. This has made vacations based around marijuana a real option where it wasn’t before. Previously, even if people had a medical card in their state, they would probably not be able to get marijuana in another state. However, there are now several different options for people who want to take weed vacations. The two most popular states for people who want to take marijuana-based vacations are California and Colorado. These two states offer two radically different scenes and widely varying experiences. Many weed vacations in California are based on surfing and hitting the beach. In Colorado, many weed experiences are based on skiing, as Colorado has some of the best skiing in North America. To learn more about the different states that are great for weed vacations, read on.

California Weed Vacations

Luxury Airport Pickup & Tour

When people think of visiting California, they often think of hitting the beach. However, there are many more options, especially if prospective visitors are interested in a weed vacation. For example, many weed vacation packages include being picked up at the airport in a luxury vehicle and being driven around to some of the best dispensaries in the area. These services can be found in the major cities of California, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. This is one of the most luxurious weed vacations possible in California. Oftentimes, the luxury vehicle itself will include marijuana products.

San Francisco Wine & Weed Tour

Napa Valley in Northern California is known to be the finest wine-producing region in the United States and one of the finest in the world. California, especially San Francisco, is also known to be one of the marijuana capitals in the world. So it makes sense that people are offering tours that combine these two wonderful intoxicants. Many tours are based in San Francisco, where there are many wine bars and restaurants that have excellent local wines. Of course, some of the best dispensaries in the world are also located in the San Francisco area. A typical wine and weed tour will visit several wine restaurants and bars as well as several dispensaries.

Try Out Some Weed-Enhanced Yoga

California is also well-known for being the birthplace of yoga in the United States. Many weed vacation packages combine yoga classes and marijuana. Many people who have tried marijuana-enhanced yoga report a higher level of relaxation of their minds and bodies. Many yoga aficionados even say that weed can make the yoga experience more beautiful and effective. Several different yoga teachers throughout California who offer special classes that combine yoga and marijuana. For people are a lover of both weed and yoga, this sort of vacation would be perfect.

Visit Local Marijuana Growers

For those weed lovers from a state other than California, chances are they have sampled a strain of weed that was created and grown in the Golden State. California is at the forefront of the growing marijuana industry, with many high-tech growers growing high potency strains and other specialized strains like high varieties. For those true weed lovers, they may very well want to learn more about the development of their favorite plant’s varieties. Many different marijuana companies throughout the state will be happy to offer tours or demonstrations to interested visitors. Visitors may also have the opportunity to sample some of the grower’s different varieties during their visit.

Colorado Weed Vacations

Colorado was one of the first states to make marijuana recreationally legal. It’s just a happy coincidence that Colorado is also one of the most popular vacation spots in America. Colorado is well-known for its beautiful and mountainous landscapes. Many weed lovers are also nature lovers, and as readers might expect there are weed vacation packages that include hiking and camping in some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in America. As previously mentioned, Colorado is also well-known for its skiing. Of course, there are marijuana-enhanced vacation packages that include visits to some of the top ski destinations in the state. There are also many Colorado weed tourism opportunities that fall outside of this category. To learn more about weed tourism in Colorado, read on.

Dispensary Tour

Colorado, specifically the Denver area, may have been the first place to offer dispensary tours for weed-loving vacationers. Dispensary tours in Colorado are similar to those in California in that they often take vacationers to some of the highest tech and largest marijuana cultivation facilities in the United States. There are often tours and demonstrations about each growers’ marijuana products. Also, people visiting dispensaries in Colorado may be able to get a glass blowing demonstration where a weed pipe is created. Many weed lovers want to visit as many different dispensaries and growers as they possibly can because of their passion for the herb. Taking a dispensary tour in Colorado is a great way to do this.

Hiking In The Foothills of the Rockies

As readers might expect, many weed tours take advantage of Colorado’s natural beauty. It is common for these weed tours to feature smoking and then hiking in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains. These hikes are usually not too difficult because nobody wants some baked stoners stumbling off a mountain cliff. While there are tours of the cities and hikes through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, anyone who wants to combine and weed smoking and hikes in the more secluded wilderness will usually have to figure out their vacation plans for themselves. However, simply hiking the foothills is a beautiful enough experience for many weed lovers, as this is one of the most common types of Colorado marijuana vacations.

Visiting 420-Friendly Local Breweries

In addition to being known as one of the hot spots for marijuana in the United States, Colorado is also at the forefront of the independent brewery revolution. There are many independent breweries throughout Colorado, with a concentration in the cities of Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Some of these breweries are 420-friendly. Many travel agents have started packaging visits to dispensaries and weed hotspots with visits to local independent breweries. It seems that the sort of person who becomes a weed aficionado is also often an aficionado of local breweries, so this is a great match for many vacationers.

Weed & Skiing In Colorado

Colorado ski resorts were the principal attraction for vacationers to the state in years past. Now that weed is recreationally legal in Colorado and many people are visiting the state for marijuana tourism, ski resorts have figured out that they can tap into this market. More and more ski resorts in Colorado are 420-friendly. This means they allow marijuana products to be consumed on the property. Some of these ski resorts may even package a trip to the local dispensary with a beginner ski class or something similar.

Weed Tourism Elsewhere In America

While California and Colorado are the two most popular states for marijuana vacations, the number of weed tours to other states in America is rapidly growing. Of course, the continued progress as far as the legalization of marijuana in America plays a big part in this. Both Massachusetts and Michigan, for example, have recently made marijuana recreationally legal. As soon as weed became recreationally legal in the states, they immediately became weed tourism destinations. Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to find professionally packaged marijuana vacations in these states, as legalization is quite recent. However, there are still many great vacation opportunities for marijuana lovers in the United States other than trips to California and Colorado.

Massachusetts Weed Trips

Massachusetts legalized marijuana a few years ago, and the number of weed tourists visiting the state has steadily grown. Weed vacations to the state often center around visiting dispensaries and growers. However, there are some weed vacations that are unique to the state. For example, the state’s importance in American history has lead to many visitors combining visits to museums and history tours with trips to dispensaries. Read on to learn more about weed tourism in Massachusetts.

American History + Weed

Like everything else, American history is best when combined with weed. While there aren’t yet any professionally packaged experiences combining museum visits and history tours with visits to dispensaries, tourists are doing it for themselves. That Ben Franklin re-enactor is going to seem like Daniel Day-Lewis when people are stoned. Also, the wide variety of American history museums in Boston will seem way more interesting to people who are high. Visitors can blaze a j in Boston and go learn what they would have learned in the 10th grade if they weren’t smoking underneath the bleachers.

Michigan Weed Experiences

Weed tourism in Michigan is even more in its infancy than marijuana tourism in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Many entrepreneurially minded individuals have begun offering marijuana-centered experiences for visitors to Michigan. To learn more about weed tourism in Michigan, see below.

 Bed & Breakfast In The Countryside

When people think of Michigan, they probably think of Detroit and its place in the history of American industry. The beautiful forests of rural Michigan are often overlooked. However, the budding (pun intended) marijuana industry in Michigan is based around the 420-friendly bed and breakfast spots in rural areas. There are a growing number of these bed and breakfast spots in various areas of the state, and weed tourists are just now starting to discover them.

Try Nevada For A Weed Vacation

Nevada, especially Las Vegas, is already known to be one of the hottest vacation spots in the whole country, if not the absolute hottest. As readers probably already know, Nevada legalized recreational marijuana several years ago. Immediately, Nevada-based weed tourism packages popped up, with many centered in Vegas.

Smoking & Gambling In Vegas

For people who like to live life a little on the wild side,  the idea of smoking or otherwise consuming marijuana products and gambling in Vegas probably sounds good. To no one’s surprise, there are many vacation packages that combine a little gaming and a lot of smoking. Vegas is home to some of the biggest and most well-stocked dispensaries in the country, as well as the biggest casinos. There are other events to combine with marijuana consumption in Sin City, such as an acrobatic show or a concert.

Planning For A Weed Trip

There are so many weed tourism options now that it can be difficult to choose the right one. People who are truly passionate about marijuana may want to plan out several different weed vacations for different times of the year. Some try instead to have as many weed-related experiences as possible by taking a trip to a mega-hotspot like Denver or San Francisco. As the weed tourism industry grows, so too will the variety of experiences available to vacationing marijuana lovers.


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