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Chris Wright

For more than a decade, Chris Wright aka Blue has been involved in all aspects of the Cannabis industry; from medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives to the controversial cannabis movement and its cultivation. Chris was also no stranger to the entertainment industry, with his experience dating back to his years as the lead vocalist in a rock/rap band called Imperial Stars, notoriously known for shutting down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles causing a major traffic jam with the intention of bringing awareness to child homelessness.

Blue’s Journey

While music was more of a hobby for Chris, cannabis became a passion. He watched as the plant gave his father hope and quality of life during his fight with metastatic lung cancer. After seeing the effects marijuana had on his father, he decided he needed to take action for others who may be suffering yet unaware of its real medicinal powers. Knowing Chris was not afraid to push the envelope for causes in which he believes, before his father passed away, he asked Chris to help with legalizing cannabis. He knew first hand that cannabis could improve one’s quality of life even at the end stages. Keeping his promise to his dad,

Chris created a movement with the primary purpose to educate the community about the plant’s benefits. In 2015, he established Cannabis Talk 101 radio before legalization in California became official and is one of the highest sought after speakers in the history of the cannabis movement.

Through Cannabis Talk 101, Chris had the platform to not only educate, but to also empower the cannabis community including consumers, vendors and the lucrative aspects of it, investors in cultivation. Considering the

growing public interest in cannabis cultivation, Chris wanted to come up with a plan to provide guidance to those who needed it. He created the Cannabis Talk Network, a subsidiary of Cannabis Talk 101, which is an educational model and platform geared toward identifying and assisting entrepreneurs who want to pursue a legal business within the industry. Chris Wright’s commitment to his father and CTN’s commitment to the industry is apparent in its Mission Statement: to increase awareness about the positive benefits of marijuana, educate those who believe in it, and convince those who don’t.

“As an entrepreneur. I’ve learned to never quit. There have been a lot of rough times throughout my life and I’ve done a good job at making it look easy. I’ve learned no matter what ,you have to keep working hard and never give up! because ,when you’re about to give up, you’re really about to do big things”

~Christopher Wright~